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    1. what’s the matter with you? just 2 posts ago you were a complete psycho as usual now you’re all “oh the poor thing”.

      wtf lol

    2. Get a rope is a feminist. His pic has been featured on this site multiple times as he proudly holds a sign that states, “I need feminism because…(insert assinine, idiotic reason he feels he’s been mistreated here)

    3. ralf; It’s because she’s not a n!gger that I care.
      stebburn; Your mother didn’t complain much when I tried to sway her back into the ocean.
      Nice Pants; Only homosexuals and sjw’s and liberals are feminists. I’m none of those. Go drink some bleach.

    1. Meanwhile you’re rubbing one out on irrelevant Clinton campaign posters in the heightened security floor of the average psych ward.

  1. You think I’m American and support some bitch I never heard of?. You all don’t seem to realize the whole world is laughing at your country and Trump, no one gives a fuck that old twat lost.

    Watch the film Idiocracy this is how America looks to the rest of the world right now.

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