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  1. Personally I think “dabbing” is extremely stupid. But if in this day and age you don’t know what it is, you are a bigger douche than the kid that is actually dabbing.

    1. All evidence to the contrary. If you DO know what this nonsense is, you’re in the top two percentile of douchery.

    1. That’s not Paul Ryan’s son, you idiot. God forbid you educate yourself and understand what’s going on around you.

  2. Stupid asshole looks like a retard, like literally I think he is mentally retarded. No normal person does this gay shit.

    1. Actually, you are just the typical lying fuckwit liberal. Why would he be protesting his dad being sworn in for a second term? God. You know you moronic blowhards are full of shit when you start believing Your Own lies.

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