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  1. honestly don’t give a shit if you can fit 11 pickles in your mouth. As long as you can cram a kielbasa down your throat without Gaggin we are good to go.

    1. there a bunch of fuckers faking shit here. ralf, get a rope, cletus, hirudinea, 100 Anonymous etc.

    2. Oh yeah? You fuckers got nothing on me, I can fit 30. Big, black ones. In my ass and mouth. Simultaneously. Top that bitches.

  2. if they weren’t Gherkins. Kosher dills would be a different story.

    Hirudenia could probably fit at least 11 of those in his mouth.

  3. Her clothes seem clean ( minus the pickle stains). She’s wearing a gold bracelet. Her hair is clean and styled. The appliances in the kitchen show the homeowner has spending money.
    She appears to be cared for and even, possibly loved by parents who have a middle to upper middle class lifestyle.

    So why is she auditioning for a bukkake video?

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