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  1. A caustic vapor inhaled into your respiratory system can cause pervasive burns in all the soft tissue from the nasal passages, throat, to the esophagus, and even the bronchii. The body will then respond as either an allergic response, or as an actual burn response with swelling, scarring, or worse, depending on the level of burn. A very self destructive thing to do, similar to vaping bleach or a caustic acid.

    1. Then again, he has five different bottles of prescription medications on his bedside, and a poster over his bed urging him to “expire expire expire” with a skull and noose. So perhaps he wants to kill himself.

  2. was he thinking? Much like the guy that smoked a Ghost Reaper pepper.
    Ever heard of pepper spray? 10% oleoresin capsicum
    And this guy vaped habanero sauce. 100% capsicum

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