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    1. Bad luck? Did you see that son of a bitch car? That jackass pulled out 1 foot, stopped, then a couple seconds later the lady hits the car. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

    1. This is a blasphemous claim falsely attributed to God. God is the One who Causes Death. Nothing can stop Him when He has destined someone to die.
      I have personally seen someone who stuck a shotgun in his mouth and shot himself, blowing away his face below his eyes- upper and lower jaws and nose, but he remained conscious. Many many people attempt to kill themselves but fail. And many many people do nothing and die.

      Death is a matter totally in God’s power, same as life.

      As for this man, it was destined for him to suffer extensive road rash and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Speeding is a leading controllable factor to causing road accidents. If he was driving slower, he might have been able to stop.
      But what happened, happened.

    2. ^I think this guy got lost on the internet. This is EpicFail. No one who reads your comment will even understand anything you said. Way to try and ruin a joke. Mr Irrelevant Information is more like it lol XD

    3. ^^holy fucking shit, nobody fucking cares! the part about guy surviving can be easily explained by him being in a shock and not damaging anything vital. besides, it’s not like god exists anyway

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