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  1. what a fucking retarded piece of shit. i hope he did lose his license. if you want to drive like that, go to a closed course and kill yourself all you want. when you drive like this on public roads you infringe on other people’s rights. what a fucking faggot.

  2. Should get a fail for his personality alone…if you could stand to listen to him he’s got the mentality of a fucking 9 year old. What a fag.

  3. A. Guy is a fag.
    B. Girl is a dumb cunt.
    C. The car is far from totaled.
    D. You should have to have a special license to drive anything over, say, 350 HP. I couldn’t care less if these fags kill themselves. But there are families driving the same roads and these little dicked closet faggots.

    1. @C. That’s what I thought….Totaled would mean there was $225,000 in damage. Even at inflated prices for Ferrari parts, that doesn’t look like more than $30K in damage.

      The other thing is that it didn’t seem like he was going that fast. He would probably have the same issues with a KIA. Driving skills level douchebag.

  4. This idiot sucks at driving. Has no idea how to take a line. And what’s with that fucking breaking. Glad he messed up his car.

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