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  1. Read about this a while ago…thank you NEA, thanks for leaving the school officials handcuffed into shear stupidity and teaching the students to be moronic sheeple. Long past time to start demanding actual intelligence from schools, no more propaganda and ignorance.

  2. What made this story worse is that the parents filed an appeal of the decision and it was upheld by the school board. They decided to double down on their stupidity.

    1. At first I thought, he bit a piece out of a cardboard wall.

      And of course Anonyhumus can only come up with the L-word, because he and his redneck circle jerk buddies are so politally inept and blissfully ignorant, it’s mind blowing.

    2. You two faggots don’t actually believe a conservative came up with stupid policies like this, do you?
      You guys are more retarded than we originally thought.

  3. What about the fucking rag head that brought a clock bomb to school. Little fuck’s dad has ties to the Taliban or al Queda. Little fuck also was invited to the white house and given a scholarship. Liberal fucks in this country.

    1. Good point Early Cyler. obama is a radical islamic sympathyser. He always invites the most despicable sacks of shit to the White House.

    1. they only gain intelligence when smart guys from other countries go there. but they don’t produce locally-made smarts.

  4. I used to use that one chicken nugget from McDonalds (Yall know the one) and pretend it was a gun. Times have changed for sure! This is ridiculous!!

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