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  1. Yeah, except their are no civilian deaths in Aleppo. That’s CNN and Obama admin bullshit gone wild. Not a single ounce of proof. Just propaganda repeated over and over again. Goebbels had it right. Repeating a lie enough times eventually makes the stupid believe it to be fact.

    1. Amazing, and yet OneMoreForTheDeafAndDumb somehow has his finger on the news pulse, and despite never having been to Aleppo, or Syria in general, knows top secret information that there’s no civilian deaths in Aleppo. I mean, it’s a war zone, and both sides are shelling the sh*t out of each other, but of course, civilian deaths in a 6 year civil war must be propaganda, and not just a terrible outcome of war. Amazing how conspiracy theorists seem to know top secret information all the way from their bedrooms. Great job ‘tard.

    2. Actually, you ass-end-of-a-dead-mule, I meant that whatever civilian deaths there are in Aleppo are absolutely minimal and the fault of NATO allies and ‘Muricans. If you spent more time reading real news instead of what the idiot box injects in that otherwise hollow crevasse above your neck, you would know that western media have literally staged every sensational civilian “death” story like the little girl actress that has now been “saved” 3 different times in 3 separate locations. It’s documented and proven. Instead of letting CNN and the NYT tell you to keep pissing in your own mouth maybe you should actually read the evidence from sources like Wikileaks instead of focusing on the bullshit they use to draw your attention away from it. And for intellectual waste matter like you who call everything they don’t know about a conspiracy theory while the MSM teaches you about life, I’m sure Mrs. Clinton has a special place for you on her transition team as she will surely overturn the election and make all your nightmares go away. Keep hope alive, fuckstick.

  2. That’s a great idea. All the other vegan libtards across Europe should do the same, hopefully they will all then get blown to pieces.

  3. Because the last Children’s Crusade to the Middle East turned out SO well.

    Maybe we should name this one the Idiot’s Crusade.

    But she is pretty. Some ISIS fighter will be happy to have her as a sex slave.

  4. for a bunch of Achmads. Inshalla.
    Then when she’s all worn out, she’ll get beheaded or become a human shield. Possibly a forced suicide bomber.
    Good for her, and the rest of us!!!

  5. You got the wrong info. It was an action of collecting sleeping bags for Syrian refugees in Berlin.
    She’s a journalist who travels a lot. But there was no mention of walking to Aleppo. Wrong very very wrong info here

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