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  1. What is this? Basketball highlights? Not even amazing highlights, just an overtime game? Did i miss something here?

    1. they were down 68-87 and came back with over 5 deep 3 pointers to tie the game then were down again in overtime and came back with another deep 3. most racist fucks on here probably dont give a shit about basketball but this was an amazing comeback

    2. Racism has nothing to do with it. 20 point comeback in basketball isn’t that amazing. 30 or 40 would get my attention.

    3. Anonymous. You lost me at ‘They were…’ After that all I could read was. Blah blah, points blah blah come back

  2. My dog knows how to put a bow-wow sized basketball into a ready-made hoop so it stands to reason that 10 monkeys can do the same.

    Right back atcha Anon! 😉

  3. If I wanted to watch highlights to some crappy organised team sport I would watch some sports channel. Not a fail not a win, just your average one team loses one team wins piece of boring shite!

  4. Basketball was originally started to keep baseball players in shape in the off season. Now it’s just overcome with a shitload of overpaid n!ggers and wiggers.
    Basketball sucks.

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