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  1. Fucking retards. These people make me laugh every time I see one like this in the gym. No idea what the fuck they’re doing.

    1. My guess is the only people in a gym you see are the ones through your binoculars as you strong-palm your weenie while staring through the gym window from the driver’s seat of your self styled, wood trimmed Daihatsu Feroza from a hundred feet away in the parking lot.

  2. so what’s with these videos of people at the gyms working out in socks? I’ve been a member of the YMCA since I was a young kid. We have 4 different branches in my city and I’ve visited all 4 at different times throughout the years. And I’ve never seen a single person in the weight room or cardio rooms getting a work out in with no shoes.

    1. Derp, I’m a meathead who needs fake muscles to try and get girls to notice me 🙁 too bad only the nasty fat ones and crackheads do…

    2. I stopped at YMCA and that was that. Everything makes sense now. Don’t forget to pee after sex and wipe back-to-front afterwards. Regardless, no matter how HARD you try you will never conceive. It’s nature.

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