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    1. Looks like someone has a hard-on for America. I’d love to know what European shitbag country you live in. Jealousy is a terrible thing to have to live with. I feel for you.

    2. You’ve clearly never been to Europe. Trust me, no European who has ever been to the USA, has ever been Jealous of Americans…ever.

    3. Lol. Yeah. You’re right. No one. EVER. That’s just why the immigrated here by the hundreds of thousands. Idiot is right. Lol

    4. Nice Pants Anonymous Multiple personality disorder: the Europeans that immigrated to ‘Murica were refugees after WWII and before that, oppressed workers, and before that, the bottom-dwelling Euro-scum that had no place in Europe. You live in a different time buddy. Nobody from Europe with half a brain emigrates now. Only Mexi-cants, 3rd worlders and terrorists do. Take 3 steps back from your imaginary image of ‘Murica from decades ago and take a good, hard, objective look at what it is today. In either case, today’s Euro-pee-ons are nothing more than ‘Muricans by a different name. There’s absolutely no difference. 60-70% are all liberal retards with no clue how to make a damn thing worth a shit. It’s all the same garbage dump by different names.

    5. Thanks for letting me rant, now I can get back to sucking some BBC. Alahu ahkbar my friends, alahu ahkkbar.

    6. Yeah, Americanidiots. That’s why all you Euro trash come over here to vacation. Because there’s no better place on Earth to go. Faggot.

  1. what’s the big deal? I live in PA directly on Lake Erie where the annual snowfall is over 100″ a year. You would think people who live here their entire lives would know how to drive in snow. Nope. Every time is snows more than a couple inches we have multiple multi car pile ups on interstate 90 that cause traffic to be backed up and the interstate to close hours.

  2. im not gonna even attempt to drive in the snow… purely for the simple fact that other people cant drive for shit… when i say people i mean foreigners and women

  3. it’s always the same, asswipe retards with 4 wheel drive think they’re invincible on icy roads and drive way too fucking fast. you can’t stop going too fast on ice no matter how many drive wheels you have.

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