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  1. I recommend Lye and Ranch Dressing for a tangy dipping sauce, and for easy cleanup, us a mixture of Windex and Clorox. Share it with all your snowflake friends.

  2. It’s not totally insane, but you need to be careful. When I visited Japan, my Japanese friend took me to a place where I ate dishes of raw chicken and beef. The raw chicken, especially, doesn’t have much taste, mainly a texture like, say, raw salmon (but less flavor); it really relies on the sauce you dip it in for taste. (She said that in prior years, a number of food poisoning cases caused a crack-down on these type of places, and food handling standards are much more stringent.)

    As for the pic, meat is pretty germ-free inside (assuming it’s fresh and solid), so it’s the same thing as easing rare steak—cooking the outside kills any potential bacteria, and the inside is safe.

    But while I like a rare steak, you’re not going to like rare chicken—it’s just a squishy mass with little taste. That’s the biggest reason why we don’t eat “medium rare” chicken—it doesn’t taste as good as juicy, fully-cooked chicken.

  3. Good luck with that! You can spend the first day of the New Year on the toilet.

    But at least if your resolution is to lose weight you’ll make it!

  4. thebrest of tje post they dont show is someone commented that she will get salmonella, then the lady who posted this said “no she cant get salmonella cause its not a salmon”

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