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  1. E cigarettes were originally designed to help people wean off cigarettes to stop smoking. Yet the social retards buy ’em up and BEGIN getting addicted to the nicotine in the juice. Puffing on those fuckin’ things like it’s a cool new fad.
    No wonder society is so fucked.
    These people are retarded.

    This kids mom should have used a Loiseville Slugger instead.

    1. *sigh* such ignorance on this subject… you do realize that the juice used in e cigarettes comes in many different levels of nicotine including 0? Also different people need different devices depending on their needs. It’s not a 1 size fits all type of deal.

    2. Get some reading comprehension canadian slut.
      What part of “wean off cigarettes” didn’t you see in my post?
      I’m well aware of the nicotine content in the juice.

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