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    1. it’s hardily jealously – in alot of countries people don’t have to carry guns or have a gun culture .

      it’s actually PITY we feel

      because you need to carry them ,as your culture is raping and pillaging one another..perpetuated by your economic system on steroids.Where chasing “The GREEN” super-seeds civilization

    2. How many generations of butt hurt is it going to take for you to get over the fact your ancestors didn’t have the balls to leave the shithole you call home and head to the wonderful USA?

    3. The little wimp always acts tough when the big boss isn’t there. Such is your pathetic little life. You can say what you will, but here’s the honest truth… the United Sttes would
      be just fine if the pathetic little shithole you call home were wiped off the map. The same cannot be said about your little country. So, until you have enough guts to tell us what country you’re from, you’re just another jealous little child who can’t stand the fact that the United States of America is, now and forever, the ONLY country on earth that truly matters. No country in Europe can say that. In the meantime, keep listening to American music. Keep watching American movies. Keep copying American fashion. Keep buying American products. And of course, keep being jealous. It is the U.S. who laughs at you and yours, not the other way around. Don’t ever forget it.

    4. @LOL: Um, were Uhhh-merica gone so would Germany, China, Russia, and a number of other places not only be just fine, but exponentially better off.

      Easily the most ignorant comment ever made on any website, ever! A true testament to the mummified brain of a dolt, i.e., 90% of Uhhhhhhhh-mericans.

      Actually your “country” matters the same way Nazi Germany “mattered”, as in because it’s a tyrannical oligarchy with psychopaths and liars at the helm, everybody else either wishes it dead and gone or simply ignores it, except of course for cowardly bitch countries, most of which are admittedly in in Europe. But that’s their problem.

      For the record, dozens of countries with better academia (literally 50 + including third world pseudo-countries) DO NOT listen to that shit you call music, watch your movies in order to remind themselves what preposterous idiots all of you are and do so while pirating your movies and never paying for them, and as far as torn jeans, overpriced sneakers and men dressed like women go, the overwhelming majority of the world – that shit-hole you call a country included, get their fashion anywhere but butt-hole, USA. The last thing anyone outside of the US wants to look like is an ape with sagging pants and underwear showing or a bloated fat-cart rolling donut.

      Jealousy is realizing that you live in the ass of the world but using worn out stereotypes to justify your own comical, delusional, self prescribed “dominance”. It’s the same thing psychotics do when they shit their pants and yell “You wish you were like me!”

      Your country is done and forgotten now. Get used to it and don’t YOU ever forget it.

    5. It saddens me that there are Americans out there that actually think we’re the greatest country in the world, without looking into or visiting other countries and governments. The fact of the matter is that those with the smallest brains, have the biggest mouths, and unfortunately sets some unrealistic idea to the rest of the world that all Americans are like this.

    6. Aww the fag is mad his garbage country doesn’t allow him to own guns, hahahaha, faggot and his shit country.

    7. Jealousy…lol. Clearly the American idiot commenters here, have never been to Europe or any other Western country. If they had, they would not be embarrassing themselves with their ‘USA is the greatest’ drivel. If America is so great, how come only people from the third world want to move to that shit-hole?

    8. funny. 95% of the stupid shit on here is done by americans and the retards are all like “durrr stupid durr”

      you got words, we got videos. one has more weight than the other. 😉

    9. Troll Successful! Way too easy.

      Everyone should have pride in the country they are from. Bashing another Country without stating the the one you are from just makes you look jealous.

    1. Men with guns are the only reason you have the right to complain about anything. So why not tell them thank you, instead of disrespecting them.

  1. @beakt M60 doesn’t use 50 cal. It 7.62×39.
    @everyone else, really? A pissing contest?
    @Rachel Men with guns are what protect your right to hate men and guns, hypocrite.

    1. Have you ever fired an M60? It uses 7.62x51MM NATO, almost identical to .308 Winchester. 7.62×39 is what the AK47 and related fires.

    2. Notice mine was the first comment. At the time I posted, the title and the hashtags said “50 cal” and not “M60”. They fixed it.

  2. “Dang, son! Stop it! That’s not a school or a black person so don’t waste your bullets in there…now come on, it’s time to worship the ol’ Donald T so get naked and get the crack”

  3. guys guys guys, be tolerant and let americans shoot themselves/each other.

    just be happy that this isn’t your country and laugh when they act as if all this stupid shit isn’t being done by americans, every single time.

    1. ralf ralf ralf…if you weren’t dumber than a box of rocks, you would realize that this is an American website. So unsurprisingly, the majority of the videos are from the US.

      I know it makes you feel better about your shithole country to come on epicfail and watch the “stupid uhmericans”, but the truth is there are just as many idiots in your country. Including yourself.

    2. that makes it even more funnier, using an american website to bash stupid americans lol.

      and stop asking for my location, I told you time and time again that I don’t do dudes you fucking homo.

    3. aww come on buddy, you can admit it. why would you respond to almost every post I make? I mean even get a rope was smart enough to eventually let go. but you, damn. you take the whole “stupid american” thing to a whole new level lol.

    4. lol I don’t respond to even half your posts, and only when I’m bored.

      You on the other hand, are on epicfail almost every day posting the same “stupid americans” drivel over and over. You get so angry you post under several accounts including a few impersonating me. You are obviously projecting. It’s really quite sad.

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