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  1. Comcast is known to toot their own horn to their very own ball busting employees while giving them nearly nothing in return.

  2. One of the worst companies to work for, take my word for it. They treat their employees like dirt and their customers with contempt.

    1. If you want a company that cares about their employees ans their customers instead of their shareholders may i suggest a visit to Cuba to see how that works?

    2. There are millions of privately-owned companies in the US who don’t answer to shareholders. And it works pretty damn well.

    3. I didn’t say there weren’t shareholders. I said they don’t answer to shareholders, you moron.

    4. I’m with Cletus. There are still alot of small firms that treat their staff well. Sure they are interested in making a profit. But Shareholders such as in charge here are the cunts that need to increase that margin every year to the point that they lay people off to keep the growth and treat the remainder like shite until the whole thing goes bang. They shut down sell of assets and make as much for the greedy fucks.

  3. I got a letter from my employer thanking me for 5 years of work with nothing else in it, no coupon, no money, no bonus of any kind. i put in my 2 weeks notice the next day

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