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    1. You’re fucking kidding, right? These are the exact people who cried when Trump won. The voting age should be raised to 30 with an IQ test prerequisite. FUCK I can’t wait for slithering vermin like you to reap the aftereffects. You’re all done now. Al of you. Goodbye, good riddance.

    2. The only slaves dreaming are the snowflake pinko idiots like you. you were smacked across the face with reality cock and simply don’t know how to make the sting on your cheek disappear. Eventually you’ll just have to realize you’re our whores now. Like all sluts, you need training. Better get some lube. We’re “head”ed for ya.

    3. “People started loosing their minds”
      It’s “Losing” you fucking dumb motherfucking snowflake.
      Stop smoking pot and blasting dildo’s up your starfish and get a God damn job.

    4. Hahahaha more Trump loving FukThaWat your so dumb you can’t see it happening in front of you but that is what he counts on dumb ass voters like you and by the looks of it USA has plenty!

  1. Hello jason, wishing you good afternoon, I would like to get in touch with you to give us information about the image of the oreo with the spider, work in an information site and we are investigating cases of oreo, for which we would like you to tell us everything What you know about that image, do not think badly, we just want information, it’s our job.

    Sincerely; RaOZR

    1. Yeah hey, it’s me, Jason. What can I do for you fine folks? Don’t concern yourself with the background noise. This is perfectly private. Go on.

  2. What a stupid fucking cunt.
    She’s the type of chick you could convince to swallow your load because it’ll make your tits bigger.

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