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    1. Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to make fun of your transgender parent? very disrespectful of you.

    2. Hello little bitch lol2lol. He’s about to be president. Get the fuck over it pussy boy. Now get the fuck back into the closet for the next 8 years. We don’t need to hear it

    3. “”Now get the fuck back into the closet for the next 8 years””

      us election happens every 4 years — you ignorant bastard.

    4. Lol2Lol, by the time the first term is over you should by then be well reclassified as an ineligible voter, hence the 8 year reality. taste it. Swirl it around your palate. Swallow.

  1. That was crazy. The Japanese lady was clearly super out of shape and not an mama fighter. What crazy asshole thought she could take on a champ with clearly 0 training?

  2. That has to be some of the funniest shit I’ve seen on this site. That’s one big, ugly bitch! No disrespect to your papa-mama, Lol2Lol, but it’s true. Damn, she makes Cris Cyborg look like a Victoria’s Secret model. Ugh.

    1. notice how nobody gives a shit when you rip on other countries?

      guess the americans on this site are just a bunch of crybabies.

    2. LOL the only crybaby here is you. You’re so thin-skinned you won’t tell anybody where you’re from. Afraid of getting your feelings hurt?

  3. That was the weirdest MMA match I’ve ever seen. So, Yumiko Hotta is 49 years old, and she used to be a pro wrestler. This must have been some sort of gimmick. That all explains her silly bouncing off the ropes. She must have been surprised when Garcia started raining down REAL punches!

    The size difference is just ridiculous. Hotta is 5’6″, 171 lbs., and Garcia is 6’2″, 209 lbs. Frankly, though, there probably aren’t very many women as huge as Garcia.

    Garcia seemed to have really weak punches for such muscular arms, didn’t she? I read that she’s a grappling champion, which makes sense.

  4. And does she have Down’s? And who’s the gigantic mannish woman she’s fighting? That behemoth looked like a post op tranny!

  5. Ms Garcia appeared to have been taking testosterone, or steroids. She had telltale signs, like a protruding brow forehead, extraordinarily large shoulders, lats, traps, deltoids for a female. Not even female professional bodybuilders have those strange dimensions.

    SO instead of being a transgendered, I suspect she was encouraged to use steroids by her boyfriend/husband/trainer who used them in the 1990s.

    As for the match itself, I found it funny. and Ms Hotta was overmatched and seemed to have minimal MMA skills. First thing that came to mind was the old school MMA

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