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  1. There is something in this GIF that reveals a sociopathic disorder prevalent in American culture.

    Did the older brother intentionally throw the ball to hit his toddler siblings? Defenseless, helpless, toddlers hit with a massive ball which is well known to cause people to loose their balance.

    As their father, I would be very angry at the older sibling for this. He needs to be punished for that type of behavior which is very close to torturing and killing small animals, on the scale of sociopathic disorders.

    In the older boy’s mind, he probably thought he could hit them with little or no consequence as they would not suffer noticeable injury.

    my older brother did things like that all the time, so did my friends’ older brothers.

    Sociopathy is not far removed from that way of thinking.

    1. Are you seriously comparing throwing a soft ball at a kid with torturing animals? So everyone who plays dodgeball is a sociopath?

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