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    1. Did you know that the “warming” is in the very low part of the atmosphere (hint: where we live) and still above us, the air is dead cold; now, beside of melting the ice of the poles, the diference factor of temperature of both places make things like bigger balls of ice falling, extreme rain, wind,tornadoes and other things?

    2. I knew the true believers would come out of the woodwork. Yes, I’ve heard the contrived theories of why more ice and snow means we’re causing the planet to heat up. Problem is, none of the proponents of the global warming hoax predicted this; the theory is posited after we who don’t believe the hoax point out the predictions of less ice and snow are wrong.

      Remember when they said the Antarctic would have less ice because of global warming? I remember. Then there was more, and they said it was because of global warming. Remember when they said by 2004 there would never be snow again in England? I remember. Remember after Hurricane Katrina, they said because of global warming, we would have “more and bigger” Katrinas? And then for more than 10 years, we had not just fewer CAT 5 hurricanes hit ground ever over such an extended period, but we had ZERO of them? I remember. I could go on. Point is, global warming is a hoax. You’d think after nearly 30 years of all predictions being wrong, and the fact that no one has produced a scientific experiment that supports the hypothesis (all the so-called “studies” are just conjecture–I’ve read many of them), people would stop believing it.

    3. somebody should hammer the difference between weather and climate into your empty skull.

      not a believer of climate change, just sick and tired of idiots thinking we have a ice age just because there’s a hail storm in the netherlands.

    4. Actually, I was mocking the climate change hoaxsters with my original comment. They’re the ones who make all kinds of weather-related claims to support their hoax theory. If it’s hot or dry, they claim global warming. If anyone mentions the theory might not be true when it’s unusually cold, snobs like you come out and sniff, “Don’t you know the difference between weather and climate, you rube?” To that, you can go fuck yourself.

      Bottom line: It’s bullshit. Global warming is fake. Not exaggerated, completely made up. Regardless of definitions of climate vs. weather, how many reports have been filed with the IPCC, who pays for what studies, the fact is that 100% of the predictions made by the global warming hoaxsters have been wrong for over 20 years. You had to be kind of stupid to think that people could predict the future when this all started, but you have to be a complete fucking moron if you give them any credibility any more. Thank God the power-hungry tyrannical leftists are out of power, from the federal government of the U.S. if not most state governments.

  1. Interesting weather conditions. You have to be incredibly stupid or eternally imperiously arrogant to think massive global urban development and sprawl and millions more cars and humans each year is not increasing temperatures and adversely changing the climate. A forest is cut down and replaced with dozens of steel and concrete buildings that require and emit enormous amounts of kinetic energy. From a treetop canopy to a steel and glass canopy. And there’s no change?

    Anyone who has attended a high school party in which dozens of youths are crammed into a living room dancing and yelling can attest to the fact that the room heats up until you go outside for some fresh air.

    Ahhhh. That’s it. You had a lonely childhood. That’s why you deny climate change….

    1. Another genius chiming in with his anti-wisdom and fallacies.

      No one denies “climate change”. The climate changes all the time, always has, always will.

      The global warming hoax claims that people can predict the future, and particularly that in the future the planet will heat up to extremes, and we have to dramatically change what we’re doing or there will be famines and wars and hurricanes. That’s what only a fool will believe. Despite the hoaxsters trying to obfuscate the issue by mixing up weather and climate inconsistently to support their theory, neither weather nor climate are relevant to the current claims of the hoaxsters. The hoaxsters focused on the temperature only at first, showing us phony charts predicting the future temperature going up dramatically, and in the 1990s we were told that by 2005 Europe would be out of water, but the coastal towns around the world would be under water since all the ice would melt because the planet is heating up.

      When their data was proven to be made up, when their methods were shown to be contrived, and everything else they did a lie or unsupported by evidence, and as the years passed and it was clear that their predictions were wrong, that’s when it changed to “climate”, and fools started spouting the nonsense we’ve seen in this thread, about “extreme” weather conditions, making claims that are now so broad as to be meaningless.

      I read that all mention of climate change was removed from the White House website the instant Trump took his oath of office. Great! Hopefully they’ll allow us to use incandescent bulbs again. We can only hope.

      He also got us out of the TPP. Normally I’m for trading partnerships, because this builds wealth, but Obama didn’t get into the TPP for wealth. He did it to insert climate change provisions that would have the force of law, and which Congress couldn’t override since it was a treaty. I’m looking for more dismantling of the global warming hoax apparatus. Hopefully he’ll fire or even criminally charge the government scientists who have helped perpetrate this fraud. Go Trump!

  2. More political nonsense on LOL you losers know that this is a troll section for a slap-humour website, not CNN politic’s forum right? Get rekt XD

  3. This is nothing new, brutal hail like this has been bruising and killing people when conditions are right for thousands of years with mention of destructive hail in the Bible. I can imagine ancient man thinking the gods must be really mad. Hail like this destroys crops, trees, houses, kills animals and people. I hope we don’t get hail like this in Phoenix anytime soon. I’ll start praying to almighty Zeus now.

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