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  1. Chinese just don’t understand culture. Really ironic, because chinese culture is one of the most historic in the world.

  2. That idiot better hope to God he NEVER really pisses somebody off, ever. Those stupid looking things will be ripped out and he’ll be beaten with them.

  3. THIS IS ME!
    This site should take this down, this is a mockery of the history and my religion.
    I will sue someone!
    Just because I like to put dead goat horns in my ears doesn’t mean i cannot be a girl scout!

    1. I’m always a supporter of rights and availability of privileges, but that shit? Queer as fuck. Body mutilation of your ears? So fucking stupid. Sue the site? It’s called freedom of speech, dude

  4. Is that non-binary sjw whisker-free walrus a male or a female? It’s so fucking difficult to tell these days unless you punch them in the junk. Either way, I really hope that school has species-neutral bathrooms and a raw mackerel lunch option.

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