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  1. Trump supporter: Fake news. There is no flood. I break for nobody.
    Reality: Fake brain. You have no intelligence and no car.

    1. there are no Trump supporters anymore, shit-stick. He’s now your president, faggot! You have about another year or so to try and legitimize your existence you pathetic, worthless, spineless, irrelevant, unemployed worm. After that, you’ll be cleaning the toilets at a Taco Bell. We heard your cries for help and just kept on walking you piece of shit.

  2. Gif of a truck getting lost in a flood, so of course it angered 3 faggots into making political, and regional (really?), statements. Yeah POTUS supporters are the fools.

  3. Daryl will bounce back from this one, he’s a survivor. Hopefully his bike & crossbow weren’t in the back of the truck.

  4. I love the pensive expression on his face at the end where he realizes that everybody he’s ever met in his life was right..he really is a damn fool.

  5. Yeeeeehaaaaaa gotta git ma truk gonna fuk ma mom. GOOOO get a rope. Cuz I got less chromosomes my uncle daddy poles me and ma sister.

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