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  1. As far as any normal (underscore under “normal”) person is concerned, given that literally everything Hussein did will be utterly dismantled by EOY 2017, Ole Bams never existed as a president and his monkey like image should be stricken from history. Trump is the 44th president as far as real presidencies are concerned. Although taking words out of the mouths of today’s idiots is not particularly pleasant I will allow myself to utter it nonetheless: Obama was “NOT OUR PRESIDENT!”

    Now all the snowflake trolls can go ahead and kick and scream and bite me. Nobody’s listening to you.

    1. You are one gullible motherfvcker, aren’t you? Let’s see how many of you deplorables are still laughing in a couple of years. A working man voting for Trump is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. Vote for someone who appeals to your inner incorrigible douchebag? Get incorrigible douchebag. Good luck…lol.

    2. Tried to find a single microbe of logic in what AmericanIdiot wrote. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: Leftism is a left wing Neo-Fascist disorder. Case closed!

  2. It speaks volumes to the intelligence of Trump’s supporters that the majority of them post their political views on LOL

    1. And there ^ goes the first rubber-brain. That didn’t take nearly as long as I thought.

    2. Of course yours voice their “opinions” like rabid animals in public while talking about their vaginas and such. Yeah. There’s “intelligence” for ya.

    3. I have seen far more post from Hillary supporters. All randomly scattered throughout the post that have nothing to do with politics. At least the Trump guy did it on a political post.

    4. Not to second what Anarchy wrote, but given the topics of this site on a regular basis plus the repetitive leftard comments on a therein, this post is as semi-political as they get here, and thus, the first comment not only makes sense, but yours is yet another of many examples of how truly stupid libs are.

    5. Pardon the grammar and scratch out “on a”. Not that it matters given the intellect of who this is in reply to.

    1. You took the words outta my mouth, damn it. If memory serves, Bill Clinton himself referred to himself as America’s first black president. Considering there full year it took to produce a birth certificate, (probably fraudulent) I’d call Obama our first African President.

  3. Yeah, the answer would be none of the 3. You take after your mothers race .
    Maybe they meant which one was the first with dark skin ?

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