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  1. F’king Trumperican’s and they don’t want intelligent people to enter into the country!!!.

    What a Bunch of Dumb ass-holes!!!

    1. Yeah, because there are so many geniuses coming to the US from Yemen and Somalia. Get a fucking clue.

    2. Persons drive a taxi Mother Fucker. Only MoFo’s like you drive a taxi while drinking, you piece of shit. mother fucker. son of a bitch. Is your mother a $2 whore or she use to suck dicks of immigrants for free??

    3. You don’t even have a name and address you homeless bastard Anonymous. This is the problem with trash trumericans like you…you dont work and if you see working people…you get jealous son of a bitch and a whore. Ask your momma to suck more dicks to earn more money for you, son of a $2 whore…he he he

    4. lol you are really worked up aren’t you? I don’t give two shits about you, your opinion, or the 3rd world shit hole you live in.

    5. You don’t even know what is ” 3rd world” means…you lazy bastard…go and read what it is before you show off your ignorance SOB!!!

    6. Are you guys retarded? can’t you tell from the accents and signs that they aren’t Americans…All of you are stupid. That is all.

    7. Oh yeah…I’m Native American…now get the fuck out of my country…along with your $2 whore momma’s…

    8. lol you wish you were native american. instead you drive a taxi in a 3rd world country and write badly-phrased insults on epic fail because you’re jealous.

    9. For the A team up there ^

      1. They’re Brits.

      2. Take it back to YouTube, “winners”. Your intellectual discussion reaches about 17 people per day.

      3. Thank God for Trump )))

  2. Can’t you fools tell an accent when you hear one? These aren’t Americunts they’re British. The fact that people actually go to help him as apposed to a bunch of darkies trying to mug him is also an obvious sign.

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