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    1. They are not in the shade because they cant see, They are in the shade because its too hot. Retard

    2. Obviously he meant while they are in the shade they do not need sunglasses on. Just like when an idiot has a hat on backwards but blocks the sun from his eyes with his hands.

    3. your argument fails my friend as you seem to not realize that shades means sunglasses in quite a few places on earth.

      but I don’t hold it against you, you’re probably american and don’t know any better.

    4. Ralf, The Slang term “shades” was coined in the U.S by an american citizen, so if any nationality would have use the term correctly it would be the U.S. So go crawl back in your communist ice cave an suck the juice out of a rotten commie potato. Sry I went a little to far with that last statement…..i still stand by it

    5. lol, that makes it that much more retarded. it’s like a canadian not knowing what maple syrup is. so I will stay in commie hole, at least we are educated. unlike all the fat american slobs that still pull their teeth with strings because they can’t afford to go to the dentist. lol

  1. Don’t be jealous rope, you’ll get a piece of your sistermommy eventually after they are done. You’ve had enough already. I’ll send Congo the impaler incase you antsy for some yo yo’ing.

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