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    1. Girl was in the wrong for parking there but the guy filming is a real douche bag. I fucking hate SJWs!

  1. “Holier than thou” attitude is in the human nature. But you need to achieve a certain level of wisdom (usually through experience) to realize that flaunting it just shows how shallow you are.

  2. everyone in america should be able to park in the handicap spots without a badge or doctors note – since they are all retards

  3. The amount of deplorable comments on this post says a lot about why the entire rest of the world hates Americans. No wonder only people from the third world want to move to that shit hole.

    1. Actually moron statistically British have the healthy teeth of any other nation. Do some research Fucktard.

    2. “the healthy teeth of any other nation”?
      Are you saying that the Brits steal healthy teeth from tourists??

  4. Did he just wait outside with a camera because he didnt see handicapped plates? What if a guy came out and kicked his ass and took his camera…

  5. she should have kicked his balls (if he had) and broke his phone for being such an asshole. man, how i love those “justice” ppl

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