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  1. who cares its on their feet, which typically are covered by shoes if in a serious situation, and not casual were no one would care.

    1. Who cares that you’re a derp without proper upbringing or a potential future. That tattoo on your foot matches well with the birthmark inside your skull that says “idiot”. Every loser has an excuse.

  2. I don’t really think “mom” gives a shit. You reap what you sow. In her day it was weed and flowers. Now it’s n!gger-fucking, feminazis and tats. Tomorrow it’ll be shoving pine comes up your nose or something, who the fuck knows… maybe that’s already happening. Wouldn’t be surprised. It’s these specimens’ bitch-pig-whore mothers who should apologize to all of us for accidentally poisoning this world by creating and passing new breathing objects through their rancid diarrhea pipe against nature’s better judgement and giving us “people” like this to have to feed against our will.

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