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    1. Indeed. My uncle served in the US Navy in WWII in both the German and Japanese theaters, and because my aunt hated tattoos, he refused to join his buddies and instead remained natural. They were married soon after and remained together for nearly 70 years until their deaths a few months apart.

      But for today’s generation, wearing a gimp suit is a life’s achievement.

  1. In my lifetime, I’ve seen the end of segregation and Jim Crow, marriage equality, the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the first black President. My, how far we have come.

    1. Yeah? And there’s the result up there in the photo! Something tells me your pride is misplaced. Not to worry. With the new president we’ll change everything back to normal and you will become fertilizer. About fucking time!

    2. Keep us free to buy collars and fingerless kitty-paw gloves? Not understanding your point. Nazi occupation would have prevented these photos.

  2. This is what will happen to the white race if they keep inbreeding. This guy is the future. DNA Deficiency at is fines.

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