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  1. But now everyone knows Jennifer’s vagina was beaten up and worn-out,and not as good as Jessica’s

    don’t even get me started on Jennifer’s saggy tits Vs Jessica’s perky ones …why else does a man change up ? unless Jennifer had the golden vagina but was a psycho bitch

    the golden vagina could no longer balance the “retardation” out ….

    forcing Michael to covert Jessica

    it’s “Michael” who i feel sorry for – he had these decisions forced upon him

    1. Any woman who spends her investment to rent a billboard to “get back” at someone is a psycho bitch…

  2. He will be able to enjoy the money again once the divorce judge sees the inappropriate use of funds and the harassment campaign she decided to launch. Hopefully him and Jessica can escape that psycho hosebeast. I would suggest a TRO at the very least as she sounds unstable and likely to continue to destroy property and steal from financial accounts. Good luck, Michael 🙂

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