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  1. What an idiot. The most enjoyable audio I have heard in a long time. Maybe ditch the balaclava next time…or the multiple guns in a no-carry zone.

    1. If zou pazed attention in elementary school, you would know that Darwin described natural selection. Humankind is not going through natural selection for quite some time. The 20th century’s increase in human population was caused bz the stupidest people having the most children, something they would not be able to do in a natural environemnt, because they would die in infancy after doing something stupid.

  2. “we felt threatened, so we needed to protect ourselves with these big guns that we’re too chickenshit to use anyway as you will see in the next scene…”

    -every small-dicked american ever lawl

    1. ralf, ever obsessed with americans and dicks, is jealous that he both has a small dick and is unable to even own a gun…

    2. I don’t want a gun, but thanks. funny that you guys in the US have all these guns yet you STILL have the highest murder/homicide rates in the developed world. so keep your guns, I’ll keep my life. lol

    3. Sweet. I’ll be happy to keep my guns. I’ve owned them for over 10 years. Many older family members of mine have owned them for over 50 years. None of us have ever shot another human being or been shot. What a pathetic existence it must be that you are so afraid of an inanimate object that you feel they should be banned from existence. You sound like a real pussy, Ralf. Obviously you’re a canuck. Lol. Feel free to come to our country when you need real health care when your “free” (70% tax) health care fails you… Again. Hahaha.

    4. Nice Pants, you deluded fuckstick, your anecdotal evidence about your inbred, lame family managing to not shoot each other, doesn’t change the actual statistics that America has the highest rate of gun deaths in the entire western world, does it, dickhead? Now, why do you think that is, Einstein? Maybe Americans are just naturally bigger assholes that the rest of the world (well, that’s true, to be fair), or could it possibly be due that shithole of a country being awash with guns? Hmm, I wonder what the answer could be.

    5. Americans like murder and mayhem and crave for more. It’s not about freedom, they merely want a chance to participate.

    6. buddy our health care hasn’t failed me, once. I dunno how you would know that anyhow other than you’re some pervert creep that hacks into people’s web cams and phones. And I am not from canada you ignorant american. Like last month you pretended I’m from europe, now canada. What’s next? Sto. Domingo? lol.

      You have no clue, but keep up the good work of making americans look like what everybody else think they look like. Idiot.

  3. And people wonder why there are police shootings???? between this and episodes of cops it’s painfully clear the types of idiots the police have to deal with warrant every police shooting there is. I mean seriously. You walk into a police station wearing ski masks and carrying guns. WTF did you think would happen? faggots. I wish the police would have shot them.

  4. Police are fucking out of control. It’s legal to carry weapons. But in a police station cops can open fire first for some reason, fuck the constitution.

  5. The police showed reasonable restraint given the times. Heck, the first Terminator came out in 1984, and the LA incident was in 1996 or 98. I think if they had performed that stunt in LA or NYC (of course they are not open carry areas), they would have been dead.

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