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  1. Was drunk! Getting caught with a DUI in Russia, even a 1st offense, will cost more than that damage 10-fold, loss of license for a year and even a possible felony conviction. He’ll go sober up and then pick up the car at the tow lot later, hence he bolted. It’s worth it! Personally, I applaud laws that are that strict on DUIs.

    1. yeah. that success. now they not only need to catch the guy, they also need to tow the vehicle.

      stronger DUI laws FTW!

    2. @ralf: solid logic! They apparently have no license plate databases wherever it is you dwell. And by the time they “catch” him he’ll be good and sober. Thank you for clarifying why Russians are smarter than you, ralf. Although, I guess that’s not really saying much.

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