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  1. as a guy with a set of balls and more than an ounce of dignity and self esteem…. I can proudly and confidently say fags like this guy give us all a bad look. The girl clearly doesn’t respect you. And I don’t blame her. I don’t either. Be a fucking man. Take charge. And if she isn’t willing to hop on the dick move on to the next one. There are hundreds of millions of females in the US. If she isn’t putting she isn’t worth your time much less your money. There are many girls willing and able.

  2. Above this post are a bunch of guys that don’t have wives or girlfriends. True fact.
    This Daniel guy is more of a man than most of you will ever be sadly enough.
    Bunch of weirdo date-rapists above and Nice Pants who probably considers a dog and peanut butter as “getting some”. Hopefully you all will grow up and learn what being a man is all about.

    1. Whoa!!! Taking yourself a little too seriously, huh chief? Go relax, have a drink, maybe crank one out. You’re wound up a little too tightly.

    2. Oh, and no… Daniel’s a bit of a jerkoff. He’s wasting his time, money, and energy on some woman who clearly isn’t interested.

    3. Uhhh this Daniel guy is clearly gay. The pants alone should give it away.

      So if you’re using him as your role model for what “being a man” is all about…your wife is probably banging the pool boy.

  3. Like Chris Rock said: There’s two kinds of women, women we’ve fucked and women we haven’t fucked yet. What is so hard to understand about that.

  4. Guys, I think y’all are taking this the wrong way. I think our Daniel was making his play. He pulled out all the stops (Horseback riding! What red-blooded American gal can resist that?!) and Miss Thang there was letting him know that it just isn’t going to happen. I feel bad for the guy, because he swung and missed, but he did swing.

    I gotta say though … the next six guys Miss Thang dates are going to have some epic shoes (and flood pants) to fill.

  5. My first thought was “what a dickless idiot”, but reading the above comments, one was actually true.. at least the guy tried. Yeah he failed, yeah that girl took embarrassing him to level 99, topping it off with “stillsingletho” but nonetheless, the guy got out there and tried. Which is more than most teenagers nowdays will do. So better luck next time, guy.

    P.S.: Yeah that getup looks gaaaay.. hit the gym and buy some clothes made for men. Just sayin’

  6. Typical retarded bitch. She wants a guy just like Daniel, but always dates losers. Can’t see what’s right in front of her. OR, he’s a gay.

  7. hey Daniel, slap her in the face. Tell her to get naked and fuck her in the ass. That’s what she wants. If she wanted a vagina like you, she could easily find one at the local LA Fitness or on Craigslist.

    All those years of school and they managed to turn you into a woman. As Gavin would say “A woman’s vagina dries up when you’re around.”

  8. Holy shit this happened only 30 minutes from me lol. Poor bastard, i should hunt this guy down and slap him then teach him man things

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