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  1. In my case it was only a Dildito. This turned into a gateway to real monster dongs that I just can keep of my mouth. I refuse rehab or an intervention. I love all dongs but I am most fond of the southern BBC.

  2. Glad I don’t live in that neighborhood. People need to mind their own business. Go play with your fucking kids if they are that fragile. Just recently attended a party at which an adult brought their child with them and then proceeded to tell the guests “that is the first time my child has ever seen a sugary snack, wine, snack chips, people (that went outside and around the corner) smoking, and even soft drinks”. It wasn’t so much that the kid hadn’t had those things, it was that he brought the child to an adult party and then proclaimed these things in a holier-than-thou attitude. People are annoying for all sorts of reasons, most of the time it is best to just mind your own business and get home to your loved ones.

    1. not all of them are

      I have never met a American in real life that i didn’t like ( and i have met and fucked a few ) . It’s just there are some right idiots who live there now. Their culture is a bit fucked up these days,which produces mongoloids ..They used to be rational and you were envious to some degree of their culture but they lost their way after the 90’s .. Now they are becoming a bit of a joke

  3. I hope Amy reads this, fuck you! If you don’t want your kids to smoke then teach them that.only a fucking bitch would tell someone they can’t smoke in there own car! Who married that cunt?!

  4. Hey Randy, mind your own fucking business. Amy, fuck you and your cunt of a husband. Fire bomb these up tight twat’s house.

  5. So when was it anybody’s business if they are smoking in front of kids? Amy and Randy need to take that cob out of their rears and just chill a little. And “Sweetie” needs to tell them to fold it three ways and put it where the moon don’t shine, instead of reassuring their judgmental asses.

  6. Oh I’m passing through a neighbourhood full of kids… best put out my cigar in case they’re watching every single car that passes and happen to catch me smoking are are therefore mentally scarred or influenced to begin smoking!
    What a load of cock, what is she going to complain about now? My dog shitting in public because it’s “indecent”?

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