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  1. Oooh the smile on her face. Just like mine when im on my way for a brutal and savage beatdown of my big fat gaping bunghole on the hands of big black bobby and white cornhole blasters. Those boyz sure know how to treat a sassy guy like me.

    1. You know, the fact that you write your comments the way you do, in stark detail, disgustingly detailed, and obviously from having taken the time to really think about the conjured images and actions before you go on to describe them, to anyone who has taken so much as an introductory psychology course immediately understands you have faggot fantasies playing out in your head all the time. Going further, it’s also very likely that get a rope’s comments don’t so much infuriate you as much as they provide a subconsciously desired but otherwise suppressed doorway that helps you get out your closet fag frustrations. Just an observation.

  2. Meth is bad for you, great observation but no cigar, or should I say taquito. This is my writing process: I just picture what a queer like rope would do and write it down. That easy buddy. I do have to say that I am impressed that an inbred hairy ballsack muncher, sister and dog molester like you would take a psy course. Congrats on that, I’ll wake you up from your sister/momma’s basement the next time I go give her a good pounding and give you a cookie for your educational achievements. Shit, I might let you smell my finger.

    1. The fact that you enjoy picturing someone acting gay and writing it down in vivid detail…pretty much confirms that you are gay.

    2. Fake get a rope is my biggest fan. See, that fruitcake is trying to make me look bad, but that attempt is backfiring on him in a hilarious way.

    1. lol I’m not get a rope. Just tired of seeing your gay fantasies all over this site. You need to come out of the closet and work on your anger management…

  3. It’s all in good fun. Plus I might stop trying to make you look bad since you been very tamed lately. I liked racist ass get a rope much better.

    1. You two homos should get a room.
      Neither of you is funny, one is a racist, and the other is a flaming homo.

    2. Nobody cares about Getarope except his new fanboy and the whole name change/copy thing is as old and played out as this site.

    3. Since you all seem to be experts, does the transition between homo and flaming homo require the use of flaming cheetos?

  4. meow meow meow meow MEEOW meow meow meow

    google translate :

    “you are all a bunch of FAGS, looking for BUM action …this is not GRINDER”

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