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  1. that’s equally retarded. france isn’t islamic. a muslim minority of 10% doesn’t make any country islamic. people who lost all sense of relation should be shot, you are the reason we have all this fake shit more than ever nowadays. fuck off and die you cunt.

  2. Um, ralf, apparently you haven’t been to France lately, or if you have and insist on sticking by that schizophrenic comment, you need to stop end the heroin abuse my friend. 10% or not, France is a fucking North African rag-head terrorist shit-hole, along with rest of Europe except for a few last-stand countries like Hungary. The pretty buildings that no living soul below the age of 60 could ever recreate are nothing but a relic from generations past, vis-a-vis it’s over! Le Pen is the only hope France has left.

    Shit, I can’t even name more than 3 places in that toilet bowl called “Europe” that is still its former self. You’ve all become Russia’s unwashed ass and tail on the world map and even Russia’s had it up to here with all of you. Whatever culture you think you have is inherited. Today you and those like you have no investment in, or contribution to it.

    Europe is today full of nothing but Euro-pee-ons, so stop acting like you’re from the historical version of Europe. Today’s version might as well be Pakistan so you better start packing to escape to Belgium or Germany…. Oh shit, yeah, that’s right! In that case I guess you’ll just have to start studying the Q’urap.

  3. Where is the fail? We already know black people are stupid.
    Ralf, quit staring up at that spiderman balloon with your mouth open!

  4. Slappy. Why do you think people in the UK voted to leave the EU. This is one of the main reasons. Also the Dutch might be ok if they vote for Geert Wilders.

  5. ralf: take a look around you, my troglodytic little friend. look at the shit that is happening in france and every european [former] nation. have you seen the latest video of a group of savages dragging a french woman from her car and putting her in their trunk? get real, you fuck.
    fozik: geert wilders and le pen are just the same as trump. red herring globalists. they make you think they’re real patriots fighting for your rights but when it comes time they will all serve zionism. zionism is the reason why western countries are being invaded by the third world. they aren’t letting themselves in. all western countries have zionist occupied governments. until a politician names zionism and its anti-european followers as the problem that they are, you can rest assured that they are just another puppet of the new world order.

  6. I am all for the islamification of Europe-

    it’s a fun relgion – it could be the best thing to happen to us since the Romans or the black death get to stone your wife to death if she pisses you off

    2.wife beating is essential to a good marriage

    3.You can make her wear a table cloth

    4.throwing gays off buildings is encouraged

    5. You can RAPE who you want , when ever you want get free driving and flying lessons

    sure you might have to blow yourself up now and then for a higher ideal . But with advances in medicine and medical science ..I think the sting could be taken out of that downside

  7. And yet there are people that oppose abortion and frown on my love of another man’s frothy anus. If they would just understand that tossing salad never produces children like this then they would let me marry my uncle.

    1. white people tossing salad is the precise reason why these people are going to breed us out of existence in our own countries. these people all have 8 children with each of their multiple wives. white people have 2 or 1 or 0 children because they’re too busy being apathetic faggots.

  8. gigi duru: no, i’m sorry. the vast majority of black americans have never even left the country, let alone been to, LET ALONE come from africa. the vast majority of these people coming into the west by zionist sponsorship ad policy, are directly from the third world and a large proportion of them are so troglodytic they can’t even read or write in ANY language.

    your “logic” does not exist.

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