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  1. Ah yes, modern edumacation + a heaping helping of liberal “professionals” doing the edumacating = this. The western world has been targeted for intellectual genocide and there’s blood everywhere.

    1. western world? please don’t think that the rest of the western world is as dumb as americans. we actually have great education systems unlike you guys who got weekly school shootings and pig feed as school lunch.

    2. Lol, you MUST be American. A fuckwit comment as retarded as that can only be the result of the American education system, which has virtually the lowest performance results in every category, in the OECD.

    3. So ralf, tell us all about the great French education system. The one that failed to teach you basic arithmetic, critical thinking, and the definition of the word “atheist”…

  2. Smarmy privileged cunt should know there’s no such thing as a seagull. Probably voted Trump. Or Clinton. Or someone else. Or didn’t vote. Either way, this is the patriarchy’s fault.

    1. @what

      because she has a vagina and tits – she is riding all the way to happy town on men’s ego’s

  3. I bet I could fuck that seagull if I got it drunk enough. Have any of you guys ever fucked a chicken carcass? It is da bomb. I live my life each day waiting for my lover to bring home a chicken carcass and fist me while I give my uncle the best head of his life.

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