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  1. And bikers wonder why people don’t like them. Thanks for risking numerous lives on a public roadway racing each other like 3 year olds. Probably think it sounds cool to slam the rev limiter too… Assholes. GF should have just called the highway patrol. Road rage is easy to get swept up in when you see someone doing things that are so dangerous and careless and shitting on everyone else minding the rules and laws of the roadways. Best to let the authorities handle things. That being said, seems easy enough to stop frame and enhance and get their tags. I never get tired of criminals being dumb enough to video themselves. Bikers, grow the hell up. There are people out there on the roads with families and are already stressed out because driving sucks these days because of all of the assholes out there. Think twice and I’ll look twice. I will still lmao at every biker doing 100mph in a 35 that is smashed into toothpaste. It is a small pleasure in life.

    1. might be the most retarded comment on this site. Apparently you failed to see the part where the car speeds(probably well over the speed limit) in attempt to pass the bikers? “Ohh, look at me in my VW. I’m gonna race these bikers”. Dude driving is a fag. Girl that caused accident is a dumb bitch. I wish they both got ejected from the car and the German piece of shit burst into flames.

      By the way, this same video was posted just probably 6 months ago with the same exact title.

    2. Sorry did you say German piece of shit? Germans make some of the best cars in the world. If your American? You cars can’t even go around corners.

    3. fact is, rich people don’t pose with american super cars. they pose with lambos, bmws, mercedez. not fucking ford. lol

    4. Who said anything about Fords? Rich people don’t need to “pose” with cars they actually own. BMW, Mercedez, and VW don’t make super cars. And Lambos aren’t German.

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