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  1. why do people think face tattoos make you unemployable. Most American workers do not need to meet people face to face for a living.
    Plus, crime pays. Being a criminal is still a job. An important job, too. Think of all the jobs that are created because of criminal activities: police, private security, alarm companies, firearms manufacturers, insurance companies get a lot of business insuring people from theft, etc.

    1. It show employers how stupid they are. Those things you listed are legal so they would not qualify as crimes. Move out of your parents basement to North Korea you stupid Bernie supporting leftist.

    2. Alright Mr. get a rope I was giving you a break and was going to layoff but you want to bring the shit talking back an behave like the little homo bitch that you are. I’m going to own you motherfucker. It’s on inbred sister fucker.

    3. has one of my 23 other personalities seen my meds? I’m having a severe breakout again and keep talking to myself while I imagine Obama’s big cock in my ass.

  2. Face tattoos says you don’t give a shit JD; it doesn’t matter if you see customers or not; you can get jobs but very few will be open with a tattoo like that. And wow to the guy who had to bring Racism into a face tattoo comment chain; you should be extremely proud of yourself for saying racial terms like that; you sir, are a true winner. Keep up the good work, you will be part of what saves our planet…you fucking tool

  3. Good grief. Now society is going to have to support her artistic taste and pay her bills. Maybe she wants to be a sex worker? Not that that is sweetening the deal.

  4. Why do people think face tattoos make you unemployable? Well…name one successful person with a face tattoo not in the entertainment industry. Like it or not, most businesses in America are ran by old white guys…who won’t hire people with face tattoos…

  5. I hate face tattoos but in Cardiff (UK) NatWest in central Cardiff the guy who I spoke to when I got my mortgage had a full face tattoo. I’m guessing, by his age it was a mid-life crisis.

  6. It says “I’m just gonna put this here so a bunch of sister-fucking rednecks can post lame comments on and feel better about their obese, lame, miserable lives.”

    1. Depending on government handouts and living in your parent’s basement is the definition of a “bitch”

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