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  1. Wow, how recent! Hey, do you have any footage of the Titanic sinking? Maybe the Hindenburg disaster? Those things are just as new as this was.

  2. I’m going to second the this is so frigging old comment above. Do the admins of this site have any fucking clue about current events? This is so fucking old that shitbag kid is likely applying for his AARP card by now.

    1. Hyperbole: A rhetorical device in which statements are exaggerated. It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression, but is not meant to be taken literally… fucking idiot.

    2. You come to this site for current events?

      That’s a god damn fail. You fail. If your life was a class, the teacher wouldnt finish grading your test kind-of-fail.

    3. A) That, coming from some loser who uses an acronym to imply the word “smart”, B) Sarcasm and irony are perfect to describe what you just wrote… twice, C) spending as much time as you do posting on this site, it seems the only one with a preoccupation for gathering and responding to information through this site is a disease you are best to consult about. Triple fail.

    4. Posts this month: 4 (all on this thread)

      I just keep coming back to see how fired up you are and I have not been disappointed yet.

  3. The manager held a lot of restraint. As soon as that kid laid his hands on him, the manager could’ve given him a beating.
    I would’ve.

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