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    1. Your single mother stripper must’ve never hugged you. That or she hugged you WAY too much. Either way, fleas have a brighter future than you. Your “thinking” is now a cancer that the whole world recognizes, finally! It’ll be funny watching you become a needless bum in life.

  1. Hey Kung Pow, being the “nice guy” never leads to bagging the girl. The stereotype of oriental gents having below average cock size isn’t helping your cause either. A bit of advice, start to treat her like crap and lose the earings. Guy’s wearing earings was the cool thing in 1985, not so much now. You look like a vagina.

  2. Another stupid fucking cunt. She’d better suck cock like a champ too. She’s at least hot. She’ll have no problem having a roof over her head and food in the pantry, as long as she’s a good fuck and suck.

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