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  1. This ‘story’ was exposed as a fake. It was setup as an attempt to get some viral publicity for a production company. Google ‘catcalling video fake.’

  2. Good on her. Actual words said against her are as bad as rape. Damaging their property based on those words is perfectly acceptable. And for the man on the scooter is a hero for his brave words to the evil rapists.

    1. I would kick the ass of the two primates of the van but “words said against her are as bad as rape” seriously??? somehow I really doubt that.

  3. Fake or not, a real man should find that disgraceful cunt, rape her, cut her throat, and then throw the corpse naked onto a public street.

  4. Lol. I really don’t know what’s more funny…the fact that all the brainless idiots in this video don’t know how to drive for shit. And even the pedestrians just roaming the middle of the streets as traffic goes by. Lol. If assholes could fly this place would be an airport. These morons make NYC drivers look like little old ladies.

    That. Or the fact the guy on the shitty v-twin bike is such a pathetic white knight. Is that “beta cuck” in public? Has to be. Only place you can find trash like this is in the UK. Lol.

    1. I am so sorry, I didn’t find my meds again so I didn’t realize this was fake, even though it was written all over the video.

      I just like to flap my jaws sometimes so I can feel superior, it gives me what little purpose I have left in life after my father scarred me psychologically so I am not quite “there” in the noggin’. that’s also why I am always angry. please excuse me guys, I really don’t mean it.

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