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  1. Ha! Typical liberal retardation-turned-mainstream comedy. A half-oriental, half middle eastern inbred mutt whore speaking French to some scumbag presstitute reporter a while some degenerate white lowlife fails miserably trying to get somewhere. Coming to ‘Murica real soon! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha fucking losers all of you!

  2. If I may properly troll this video, rather than hate-cum all over it as that other dude did:

    the runner appeared to be confused by the blend of green. The elevated curb was the same color green as the tile/concrete floor, such that from a distance the curb would appear as a form of floor design.

    That would explain why he kept running right into it despite being aware.

    It’s a Darwinian moment, except the man was not killed.

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