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  1. Just to pick a nit, here: her tops are different. Black sweat jacket vs. black blouse. (Sleeve lengths, you know.) It’s way too chilly for a chick to be outside wearing only a blouse.

    That aside, where’s the humor?

    1. Oh relax Joe! There’s no shame in “dating” street whores. Even little-dick NATO pussies need pussy every so often, what with all the muslims and all now taking your catch.

    1. Try to get some pussy from her when she gets home from work. ‘But I’ve been doing that all day, how about a hug?’

  2. Maybe… Army dude is just happy to be banging a porn star or just having his picture taken with her and all his buddies are jealous?

  3. @Drengi and @Bob @Believe…uh…you better check out the video before you decide that having your GF in the adult film industry is A-OK, workable, a feeling of mutual respect or whatever you want to call it.

    @Joe ….Fuck off its the same girl. Can tell that with or without her clothes on.

    1. Who said anything about a “girlfriend”?…

      I said “banging a porn star”. Maybe we have different definitions of what one might consider a girlfriend; hooking up with a random chick isn’t it. I understand though, guys that don’t get laid are often easily confused by these subtle social nuances in the modern era.

  4. From what I remember reading, this was his wife, and while he was deployed in Iraq or some place, she made some porn film or something…short story, she cheated on him.

    1. Looks like he only just graduated basic training since he doesn’t have a flash on his beret. Doesn’t help that he is the lowest rank you can possibly be in the Army: Private E-1.

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