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  1. Based on the bike sign, how fat the guy is, and how lazy he is… and the fact there is a camera on a random corner. This is obviously the lowly UK. Trash of the earth. I bet this guy makes 15$ an hour and has “free” health care. Lol. He would be fired in the US. But probably got promoted in the UK. Haha. Keep up the good work fat ass.

    1. @Nice Pants – typical dumb American.

      This guy is cleverer than you. He’s obviously not in the UK, read the fucking road sign. Also it’s £ in the UK, not $ you dumb c**t.

    2. oh frikin’ lord this is too good. keep up the good work Nice Pants, it’s always nice to know that my prejudice isn’t dumbfounded.

    3. That’s right ralf, you should be proud that this fat lazy asshole is from your beloved homeland of France!

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