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  1. I’m sure she could still take a guy home. That’s just the problem. They never realize how fucked up they are because there’s no consequence for retarded behavior.

  2. Right, so… I know the admin of this site gives zero shits about what anyone who visits thinks. On the one hand that’s probably justified, given the overload of idiots, but if it’s worth anything, the new site is a warm, steaming pile of shit. And no, I’m not one of those “oh-no CHANGE,” people. Some of the videos simply refuse to load quickly while others are so fucking slow, you can’t even consider them videos and more like pics. Case and point, “Isn’t this how Evil Dead started” and “Disney Princess IRL”. Navigating is WAY harder! Finding others’ comments takes work ( don’t come here to work). Well, and etc., etc. It frigging SUUUUUCKS! The only up side is that the bumbling retard who runs this internet fuck pond, finally figured out how to provide a comments section that has spellcheck. After a decade of this uselessness, I guess a congrats is in order for figuring that much out. My guess is people will be forgetting this site very fast. Good job, genius.

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