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  1. Hardly a surprise even on Linkedin now, some blokes seem to think women are game, no matter which site they are on. 🙁

  2. What the fuck happened to this site. First, IMDB drops its comment section, now the epic fail fucktards make it almost impossible to post a comment.

  3. Hi, Admin here. What don’t you like about the new format? If you guys could specifically list what you want changed I can look into getting it implemented for you. The old design was awesome in it’s day but not mobile friendly. I delayed updating the design for years, but gotta adapt.. the old site was horrible on mobile.

    1. These fags complaining about the new format are limp wristed Peter puffers. The new format is fine. They get anxiety when they see something new like when their drunk, slut mom is banging a new neighbor. Why it so hard for them to post a comment? I haven’t had any trouble. The only thing I’d like to see is a comment counter on each post that tells how many comments have been left on each particular post.

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