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  1. Yeah, that’s not a staged pic at all. It’s totally legit. Yup. Not fake or staged at all. This site sucks.

    1. Exactly dipshit. It is real. Notice the red all around the tat. I understand people “fake” tats sometimes. But how did they “fake” the redness, and why would they?

      You’re a grade A idiot.

    2. But what I actually came here to say is both tats look like shit. So what’s the point of comparing dog shit to cat shit?

    3. You might just be THE SINGLE BIGGEST MORON to ever disgrace this pathetic website. Did you really ask “how did they fake the redness”? I’m floored! Ever hear of photoshop, you jerkoff?

  2. So how long has he been drawing? 2 weeks, and should look better than that. Unless the tiger was supposed to have Down’s Syndrome or extra fucking eyes…

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