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    1. Most people with tattoos like that are tattoo artists themselves and make anywhere from 125$ to 200$ and up per hour… thats like doctor or lawyer money. What do you do?

    2. You’re pretty stupid. How many tattoo artists do you know who are living like a doctor or a lawyer? What a moronic analogy.

    3. I’m a dealer at a casino and I’d be willing to bet I bring home more than that chump. I also have tattoos and I would never let a moron like that anywhere near me with a gun

    1. They think it says “sweet justice” across the top of his forehead but if you look closely it says “street justice”.. i have seen this guy before

  1. So, the good news is that the person trying to rob the 7-11 you manage to get a job at is soooo busy reading the crap you (paid for and ) wrote you body that they MISS and you live through the experience!!!!!`

  2. Actually, you bullies, my husband is a tattoo artist and also works full-time doing construction. He usually works about 60 hours a week. I am a successful Barber working in an upscale salon. we live very comfortably, work really hard, have a beautiful home, awesome kids, adorable pets, and drive brand-new cars. I was always confused about how idiots like you people think that heavily tattooed individuals are unemployed. How do you think we can afford thousands of dollars in tattoos? Please get a life and find something better to do than talk about strangers on the Internet. And epic fail? Shame on you. Please take this down. Who raised you people? My six-year-old has better manners and more consideration for people. I do not give you permission to use my images.

    1. Nicely said, Amanda. I know you know better than to let these jerks bother you, but, you guys are awesome people! How awful that people still judge people for having tattoos as if they change the person beneath them.

    2. Haha it’s ok. When I picture the kinds of people who bully on this type of anonymous platform, I picture a sad, single, middle aged man beating off in front of his computer. I’m not worried about it! My life is pretty much perfect.

    3. Yes it’s me! Looks like these jerks poached this from my personal Instagram page. If they looked at the rest of my page, all they would see is happiness! Only miserable people bash a happy couple.

    4. How does your husband work in construction with big ass gauges in his ears? Isn’t that a safety hazard?

      And it’s great that he’s employed now….but in another decade or so when his knees and back go to shit from working 60 hours a week of manual labor, and he’s looking for a white-collar job….you will understand what everyone is talking about.

    5. regardless of reasons, all the facial tattoos look fucking stupid. I would laugh and point if seen in public. I don’t give a fuck what you say, it was a personal choice to be made, a very poor personal choice. It’s not some born with, genetic condition or the result of a tragic accident. You felt the need to express yourself in that manner and I feel the need to express myself in the comments. If you can’t stand the consequences of your actions, stay out of public.

    6. Wow. You’re really a jerk! Maybe you should stay out of public. We need less miserable people like you in the world. I hope your day gets better and that one day you can leave your mothers basement.

  3. These people are an awesome couple, successful, athletic, socially conscious, madly in love and raising beautiful well adjusted children. Just because you dont have the skill set to make it as a human being anything other than vanilla dowant mean they don’t, and it doesnt mean you are worthy of judging them. These two are some of the best people I know! They are rad af. Dont hate!

  4. What a joke! These two are amazing! Nothing like judging a book by its cover. Kevin and Amanda.. Y’all keep doing you. It’s obviously working. The world is jealous.

    1. Jealous of what exactly? People do judge people whether you like it or not and I bet you are exactly the same; it’s human nature. You have just judged that everyone that doesn’t like the look of this couple are jealous for example…

  5. $10 says they are Bernie voters. “Not my fault I can’t find decent work!”

    And to the “They are tattoo artists making losts of money”… If that is the case, they are the exception, not the rule.

    1. Goes to show how little you know about the modern world. Please get a life and stop being an internet bully. Do you feel better about yourself now that you left that comment? Seriously, shame on you.

  6. I can’t believe the negativity put on this photo! Obviously none of these internet bullies has learned to not judge a book by its cover!
    Unlike some of the other “epic fails” on here this is a pic of 2 people who care about each other and are just being happy. Maybe they even have this pic framed or as their screen savers. How can people just judge like that. You clearly didnt look close enough.
    They both look healthy and have clear bright eyes and are wearing good quality jewelry. Her makeup is on point and she has great eyebrows. Both have awesome tattoos that have probably taken many trips to tattoo studios to achieve.
    If you read the above comments, it seems like the girl in the pic is Amanda. It sounds like this couple is doing pretty well from themselves. I hope she and her husband can put this behind them and never think about it again. You guys are jerks for being awful to a happy, successful couple who you are judging for looking different than yourselves!

  7. I don’t see anything in the tattoos themselves that are a fail, I mean they’re not the greatest tatts in the world but you’d fill up an entire blog if you googled full body tattoos, this post is boring.

  8. It’s really sad that people feel the need to say things like that about people they don’t even know. They have sooooo many people that love them just the way they are. They are so in love and so happy. He is thoughtful and kind. She stands up for what she believes in. They don’t smoke, drink, do drugs and somehow they’re the problem?! They are great citizens (receiving no government assistance!!!) just trying to live their lives. Stop just taking peoples photos to bully them on the internet. It’s incredibly sad that you would need to stoop so low. Maybe one day you’ll be happy enough with yourself that you don’t need to put others down for the way they look.

  9. What a couple of fucking retards. She might not be bad without the stupid ear things. He, on the other hand, may as well put a bone in his nose — fucking cannibal. Cannibal as in I’m sure that he likes to swallow the man meat…

  10. Judgmental people on here. Just because all studies indicate that having facial tattoos means you’re more likely to abuse drugs, have mental illness and commit suicide doesn’t make it true. Science is sexist and racist, fact! So obviously it’s prejudiced against people who make alternative life choices as well. Fucking patriarchy.

  11. Holy jeez!! you tow bred? Please have the male wear a rubber or you swallow so no more poor kids have to be embarrassed by you. You know they have got to be made fun of because of their freaky looking parents. Poor kiddos. 🙁

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