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  1. after about 2 minutes i had to stop masturbating and pull up my trousers … The video is off-line

    I had to finish over the cheerleader getting sand in her vagina instead

  2. He can actually file suit against her for false imprisonment, since she is intentionally preventing him from leaving. That’d cost her a hell of a lot more than her cancellation fee.

    1. No you idiot. She did hold him captive you moron. Did she hold a gun against him or use any kind of physical threat? No. But he could file for trespassing, since the car is his property, and she did not remove herself after being told to leave the vehicle.

  3. @Yo: Totally agree that the cunt deserves the worst to happen to her; however that being said, I do suggest you not pursue law as a career as what you wrote is nonsense. Just saying.

  4. Am i the only one who realizes the dumbass uber driver went to the wrong place and cancelled on her because he didn’t see her and was too stupid to realize he wasn’t at the right place? I sure would have gotten out of the car.. then knifed his fucking tires.

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