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  1. Hahahahahahahaha and fucking HA! As long as he does what his dreams ask in a western country, I’m all good with it. Nazis deserve to endure the fruits of their labor.

  2. If either of you foolish fucks had of actually listened just a little harder you would have realised that the child has autism and the topic of the clip is about autism…

  3. I love that people freaked about this and then were called trolls because the kid has autism. Because, it’s not like anyone with autism ever shot up a school or anything.

    1. Wrong! Every school shooting was caused by the toxic masculinity culture of the racist, homophobic, transphobic patriarchal society in which we live. So ignorant.

  4. The kid is autistic and is not responsible for what he said. See it for what it is. The interviewer & hit (assumed) parents were quite surprised by his replies and rightly understood to just move on.

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