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  1. That is one cool muther fuker man. red faced as hell from the start makes him look like a ragin’ alcoholic. thought his head was gonna pop off at the end; blood pressure rise to the walk to hide his face from embarrassment

  2. The minute that “Instructor”asshole turned to his right and away from the firing line while holding a loaded pistol it should have been over. I only hope it knocked his teeth out. Still did not want to admit he fucked up.

  3. No one behind the shooter. Rushing too much. Muzzle not pointed in a safe direction. Fingers out of the trigger guard until ready to fire. Skills/Safety practice should be completed in a classroom setting with decommissioned firearms…not on the firing line.


    1. problem is, people will ALWAYS get lazy and not follow the safety precautions every time. it’s in our nature to be imperfect. so the whole “as long as you’re responsible it’s safe” is BS. people are always driven by emotion and sometimes those emotions get the better of us as displayed in the video. that idiot was waaaay to worked up to be handling a gun.

  4. keep gun pointed down range, finger off the trigger till ready to fire. Took a 20 year old co-worker to the range, he had played shoot-n-up video games and never handled a real gun. I went over gun safety, before giving him the gun. First thing he did was put his finger on the trigger. I took the gun away, didn’t let him handle it again.

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